About us

About Us?

Zero Broker has had its inception in the year 2015. As a trader himself, the founder of Zero Broker was quite aware of the heavy charges of brokerage that many firms levied on their trader-clients, which, in the long run had a draw down on their portfolio, as the charges ate away a big piece of profits they made, taking a risk. Hence, Zero Broker was started with a mission to provide Traders an uncompromisingly neat service at a least amount of brokerage. It was a challenging task at first, naturally! But despite the challenges and competition in the market, the effort and efficiency of our Team has made it possible for Zero Broker to make a tremendous progress over the period.

Why Us

The recognition for Zero Broker increased with a novel approach to our Clients. The plus point of the Team Zero Broker is that it consists of Professional Traders & Portfolio Managers, who made it possible to provide "Personal Attention" to the Clients, and their accounts, at their request – a client who thinks he needs a support often comes at us with a request. After which we would track his/her trading performance over a period and guide them with their Trades. Apart from providing a lowest brokerage service, we have now added other services as well – We provide stock tips / advice for people who trade in their leisure time. We have also partnered with Candletricks, a concern that provides Stock Trading Education, to train people on Professional Trading.