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Partner With Us @ absolutely ZERO INVESTMENT

Zero Broker brings you a wonderful opportunity to make Extra Money at ZERO INVESTMENT – more so, you don't need to be a trader to become our associate, and star making money.

Now, all you will be doing is just this – Refer your friends & fellow traders to our brokerage, and we will treat these clients referred by you as YOUR Clients, and map them under your unique Referral ID, which we will be generating to you for free. Once your client commences the trading, 50% of the brokerage generated by he / she every day will be accumulated in your ID, and rewarded to you at the end of every month. You can have an approximate idea of how much you can stand to make with your traders' database using our calculator below.

How much would you earn
No. of Traders Trades Executed by the Trader Per Trade Earnings Daily Revenue Monthly Revenue Yearly Revenue

Fixed Investment - Flat 25,000/- per annum

Usually, there is a big investment (in Lakhs) involved in taking a sub-brokership – and many people back out on taking up a sub-brokership for this reason alone.

To ease out on this big investment and to encourage individuals who are planning with a small amount, we are offering you a referral scheme which is very much like a sub-brokership!

With our fixed investment plan, you will be entitled to share a massive 98% of the brokerage that your clients have generated. And you can make use of this with a very low investment of just Rs. 25,000/- Flat. Your clients can trade across any segment. For MCX, we will also provide you with a Sub-broker Terminal.

Who will benefit from this?

  • HNI Traders / Investors (who handle multiple accounts).
  • Individuals looking for taking up a Sub-brokership
  • Non-Individual Traders
  • Trading houses.


  • We will send you the Client volume details through email every month.
  • Referral back office login will be provided for 98% Sharing scheme.
  • Payment will be released between 5th to 15th of every month.