EoD Data Service

Data Specification
  • Time Stamp: EoD – Daily
  • Market Covered: Indian Market – Equity, Future & Option, All Indices, Currency & Commodity.
  • Availability: Since Inception.
  • Format: ASCII & Amibroker Database.

Specialty: In Amibroker Database group stocks are completely segregated into Sectors & Industries. Moreover, it is also bonus & split-adjusted.

Subscription Fee: Rs.1,000 / Year.

I-EoD Data Service


All Cash Segment Stocks and All Future Contracts for Month-I and Month-II Only. Data available from 2007 onwards.

Per Month =Rs.350/-
Per Year = Rs.3000/-
Per Month =Rs.350/-
Per Year =Rs.3000/-
Date From January 2009
Time Stamp : 1 min
Two Most Running Contracts
All Metal Contracts, Crude oil & Natural gas
Monthly Package: Rs.300/-
Half Yearly Package: Rs.1400/-
Yearly Package: Rs.2200/-
Date From January 2015 Onwards
Time Stamp : 1 min
Two Most Running Contracts
Monthly Package: Rs.200/-
Half Yearly Package: Rs.800/-
Yearly Package: Rs.1400/-

What Makes Our I-EOD Data Most Wanted in India

Our I-EOD data (Intraday data given at end of the day) is the best available in Indian Market and “Flaw Less” as always.

Here lies the point that makes us the first choice as a reliable data vendor for so many Indian Technical Analysts and traders:

  • We provide 1 min, 5 min, or any customized time interval data for ALL (EQ & BE) Cash, Futures (I & II), Indices, Commodity & Currencies at your email before evening.
  • Our data is in ASCII format. So it is supported by any Technical Analysis software like Amibroker, or Metastock.
  • Each Future contract is like single scrip. E.g. Nifty_F1 would have a continuous chart with Nifty current month (running month contract) data and when the current month expires it will follow the next month’s contract automatically.
  • We have dedicated market traders and technical guys in our team to work together to provide seamless service by providing error-fewer data e.g. all 0 volume data removed so that your charting tool will not make you bothered by showing large number of errors after data updation.
  • We provide Future scrips for Current Month and Next Month expiries (Only index futures data is given for Far Month expiry), ALL Equity stocks & 30 most important Indices data of Indian Market.
  • We provide Future scrips with the customized symbol (against a minimal extra charge) to match your existing database symbol that saves the cost of purchasing historical data.
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